Hand-Tufted Rugs Dubai

Hand tufted rugs in AbuDhabi

Ever heard of some good handmade rugs? Then, you might be familiar with the hand tufted rugs. These rugs have an importance in the luxurious kinds of rugs. They seem to be very creative and artistic. As it is true that it requires quite a creative mind to design one of these. They are not like regular rugs. They are very different and its totally likewise to an artistic mind. So, what is the reason for its lavishness? There are so many factors like it has 100% wool or yarn. People also use cotton, linen, and nylon as the material to form these. It’s up to the choices of the people that how would they like to have their hand tufted rugs.

Some people also use two different materials to form one. It’s kind of like an old fashion but you know the trend these days. Something creative like that and you are on the front seat. Moreover, the best part is that it has an intricate designing. The people who make these pay attention to every little detail. Thus, it is quite a rug which requires a lot of hard work and sense of attention.

The process of making hand-tufted rugs Dubai:

The process of making hand-tufted rugs Dubai is a little different than the other rugs and the carpets. Somewhat the procedure is quite the same for the hand tufted carpets in Dubai. The process includes punching strands of wool or any other fabric you want to use. It is stretched into a canvas with the help of some tools. By reading, it will seem like a difficult process but it is easy if you know it well. Also, it will not take a lot of time if you really know what you are doing.

After this process, you pile up the wood and remove the frame. Then, you glue a solid fabric to the back and attach them. Sewing or gluing is an option which is available for the people according to the availability of things.

Hand-tufted rugs are also available as square rugs Dubai and outdoor rugs Dubai:

The best part about these rugs that they are available in different shapes colors and event niche. Like the outdoor rugs Dubai. You can even customize one niche in hand tufted rugs Dubai. It’s easy and a simple process and you will be able to enjoy the rug you really like.

Rugs and carpets supplier in Dubai:

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