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If you are searching for the best quality PVC skirting near me in Dubai, then you have landed on the right platform because we are presenting you with an amazing range of baseboards that can create a ravishing appearance in your places without breaking your bank.

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Our company comes in the list of the top brands that provide top-quality interior products at the best rates and have satisfied a range of customers. Being a top brand, we offer you our PVC flexible skirting boards for both your home and office, which you can choose from our wide variety. We have gained the trust of so many clients as we never compromise on quality and always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Our highly experienced team never leaves a chance of any complaint regarding our services and products, thus, you can rely on us and can visit us physically or online at your own convenience.

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At Carpet Tiles Dubai, we are offering you our featured amenities at reasonable prices in all areas of the United Arab Emirates. Our highly experienced team of workers can facilitate you with any and every service you want as well as quality products for your home enhancement. Our PVC wall skirting comes in every shade, with unique patterns, and innovative designs to make your place look adorable.

You can contact our professionals and ask for their guidance so that you can make an ideal choice on these baseboards right according to your area interior design. The PVC skirting price that we offer to our customers is really low, thus anyone can make a purchase on these highly functional boards, and they will add a perfect touch of glamour to their living space.

Experienced Working Staff

Our trained workers do efficient servicing and can perform any task requiring no time and at a low cost.

All-time Availability

You will find us available 24/7 for your assistance, and you can contact us at any time in case of any queries.

Excellent Delivery Services

You can hire our workers, and they will deliver your order on time with complete care, ensuring the proper packaging.

Know The Advantages Of Installing PVC Skirting Boards

Being the top-rated brand in the UAE, we always aim to come up with a product that can facilitate you in the most creative ways. Our latest and stylish PVC skirting roll/boards create a modernized appearance and come with a long list of advantages that you can enjoy by installing them in your area.


Higher Durability

These highly practical boards are designed to last longer which means they are worth the investment.

Easy Maintenance

PVC Skirting tiles are easy to maintain as they do not require any complicated method of cleaning.


Stylish Look

Our skirting boards are designed to add sleek and stylish to your home or office.


Easy Fitting

You can easily install them and can elevate the look of your living spaces while hiding all the imperfections of your wall.


Our PVC skirting boards are the most cost-effective home improvement, as they reduce the cleaning time of both the floors and the walls, as well


Versatile Options

You will find a range of options available regarding these wall skirting boards, i.e., in different shades, patterns, sizes, and designs.

Cleaning Requirements

How To Take Care Of PVC Skirting For Vinyl Flooring?

Taking care of PVC skirting boards is no doubt an essential thing to do, but also it is quite simple, too. Therefore, we have explained some tips here to give you a more clear idea about how you can properly clean them.

Take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe out the boards regularly to avoid any dirt or dust.

Avoid dragging furniture or anything with sharp edges along these boards to avoid any scratches.

If you notice any spill or stain, treat them immediately to prevent any stubborn stains.

Always go for the non-abrasive cleaning tools for these boards, i.e., cloth or a soft-bristled brush.

Avoid excessive moisture exposure in order to keep your skirting boards safe from any severe damage.

Top Quality PVC Skirting Dubai

In Which Areas Can You Install Our Latest PVC Wall Skirting?

Our cost-effective and adorable skirting for your walls is designed to cover up any and every area of your space so that your home walls can get a nice finishing touch. Well, here we have mentioned some places for which you can make a purchase of these quality boards.


Our PVC skirting for the kitchen is a worthwhile investment as it comes with a water-resistant nature, so you can easily install these boards there.

Living Room

As your guests are most likely to gather in your living room, where the walls may be even worse than in other rooms, you should install them here as a crucial component of decor.

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We have a huge collection of PVC skirting boards available and their essentials so that our customers can get everything related to their home interior embellishment. You can go for our PVC bathroom skirting boards or PVC skirting rolls according to your own requirements while staying within your budget.



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Why Should You Select Us For PVC Skirting In The UAE? company has been working in the United Arab Emirates for so long and is now the most trustworthy platform for everyone in Dubai. We believe in quality and always try to provide our beloved customers with products that can facilitate them with excellent benefits while enhancing their interior decor. Call us now and book our bespoke services or contact our experts in case of any general queries.


Installation Services

Our team is highly experienced and can install the baseboards in your place efficiently and quickly by arriving at your place on time.


Customization Services

We can customize these PVC skirting boards right according to your requirements so that you can enjoy prolonged functionality.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

These highly functional boards provide you with numerous benefits, i.edurability, low maintenance, versatility, affordability, moisture-resistance, etc., making them a good option to opt for.

Of course, these boards can be tinted using PVC-compatible paints, thus you can easily get them matched with the color of your area walls and can add a lot of uniformity to your space.

First, we take accurate measurements and cut the boards accordingly in equal sizes. Then, apply a layer of adhesive at the back of these boards and press them firmly against the wall. Secure them with nails to add more stability.

Yes, PVC skirting boards are really easy to clean and maintain. All you need is just a clean damp cloth and wipe the boards with it. Also ensure avoiding any harsh or abrasive cleaning tools.