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No one wants to make his/her home look awful because of some imperfections on the walls. Therefore, Carpet Tiles Dubai came up with a solution of high-quality and beautifully designed skirting tiles for your home and business areas.

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Our company has been working for years in this field and now stands out as a leading brand among all in the entire UAE. Our aim is to make our customers happy by offering our reliable services and supplying premium-grade products to enhance their interiors.

We take pride in fulfilling each and every requirement of our clients and have never failed even once in this regard. For your convenience, we are both physically and online available so that you can visit us and place an order accordingly.

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Being a reliable brand, our team always offers you flawless services at really affordable prices. With us, you do not have to worry about your interior aesthetics or any wall imperfections because our white skirting tiles can add charm to your living spaces. We are now presenting to you our most luxurious collection of skirting tiles in every shade and design, helping you choose according to your area requirements.

You are more than welcome at our store, and our experts will provide you with our latest designs of PVC skirting tiles and will help you get the perfect ones for your place. You can invest in our skirting porcelain tiles and they are highly durable and will run longer with you while creating an adorable appearance of your area. Other than this, you can get your hands on skirting ceramic tiles which are designed to elevate the interior of your space.

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Quick Job Place your order at our platform and see how our workers do an efficient job by completing the order within a minimum of time.

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Fast Delivery Service You can hire our workers for the delivery of your order, and they will make sure you receive it in perfect condition.

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Skillful Workers Our team is completely professional and knows how to perform its task and make every customer happy.

The Benefits Of Installing Our Skirting Tiles In Your Home

Protection Of Walls

With our skirting tiles, your walls will remain safe from scratches, stains, and impact damage.

Cover Up The Gaps

These tiles will fill up the gap between your wall and floors, if there are any, and give off a smooth look.

Enhance The Decor

The innovative skirting tiles designs can majorly intensify the overall appearance of your place.

Minimize The Cleaning Effort

These tiles prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust, thus making the cleaning process easy.

Offer Thermal Insulation

Our thermally insulated tiles can help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Hide The Imperfections

They can perfectly hide all the imperfections of your walls, i.e., scratches, stains, weirs, etc.

Care For Skirting Tiles

Some Tips For Maintaining And Cleaning Your Skirting Tiles

No doubt, skirting tiles are a great addition to any home and in order to keep them functional for a longer period, it is quite important to properly clean. Here we have mentioned some of our expert’s recommended tips and tricks.

When cleaning these tiles, always use a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles to prevent scratching.

Do not ever use any harsh chemicals, always go for mild detergents mixed with water.

To avoid any stubborn stains, promptly wipe up any spills.

Do vacuum cleaning for your skirting tiles on a regular basis to avoid dirt or debris.

Every few years, take professional maintenance services to make sure your tiles can run longer.

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Best Quality Skirting Tiles Dubai

Know The Difference Between Skirting Tiles And Baseboards

Skirting tiles and baseboards are both used to cover up walls and floors and for hiding their imperfections. But, there is a difference between their construction, installation, and appearance, which we have mentioned here so that you can make the right choice.

Skirting Tiles

Skirting tiles are basically manufactured with porcelain or ceramic, have a smooth texture and require an easy cleaning process.


These are made from wood or MDF, have a painted finish, and require regular cleaning in order to run for a longer period.

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Types Of Skirting Tiles

Discover Our Latest Types Of Skirting Tiles

Carpet Tiles Dubai is here to offer you an extensive collection of skirting designs for your home and business. Buy our skirting bathroom tiles, which are highly durable and can perfectly withstand exposure to water. Or, reach out to our experts to acquire their assistance in the selection of the ideal skirting tile design for your interior.



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At Carpet Tiles Dubai, we are dedicated to providing our customers with their desired products at affordable rates while facilitating them with our professional services, which include super-fast delivery, free bespoke quotation service, expert advice, etc. Visit our online store to place an order from the comfort of your home. Our team is available 24/7 to take your order and answer your general queries.


Professional Installation

When our team of installers arrives at your location, the operation will be completed swiftly and without any mess at all.


Creative Customizations

Come to us for custom-made skirting tiles, and our skilled technicians will customize the tiles perfectly.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Most often, the material used in skirting tiles is either ceramic or porcelain because they are highly sustainable and resistant to moisture. These tiles can emphasize your area after getting installed while adding a touch of beauty to your home decor.

Yes, these tiles can be installed on any type of flooring, including carpet, vinyl, and hardwood. Just make sure while you install them that they should give off a perfect finishing look, enhancing the look of your living spaces.

Of course, we are a customer-oriented company and take care of every concern of our clients. We always come up with exclusive packages from time to time so that you can get your hands on our products and services available at low rates.

There are so many options available regarding skirting tile size, but the average height of skirting tile is 4-6 inches. The height of these tiles may vary depending on personal preferences and area requirements.