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Buy Our Durable Carpet Tiles In Dubai At 20% OFF

We offer a wide range of durable, stain, dust, moisture, and mold-resistant carpet tiles at discounted rates in Dubai and nearby cities. Book an appointment for professional and reliable tile installation.

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Our Products Collection
Textured Carpet


Twist Carpet


Plush Carpet


Saxony Carpet


Shag Carpet


Cut Pile Carpet

Cut Pile

Frieze Carpet


Loop Pile Carpet

Loop Pile

Berber Carpet


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Transform Your Place With Our A1 Quality Carpet Tiles In Dubai

Our carpet squares are the best alternative to full-length carpets and most flooring types. They are highly economical and can last longer than any hard or soft flooring. Besides, installing, moving and removing them is very easy, which makes them a practical choice. We offer these tiles in vast material, size, style and color ranges for every residential and commercial interior.

Residential Places

Living Room, Bedroom, Dining area, & Kitchen.

Commercial Place

Office, Hotel Room, Restaurant, Gym & School.




Blue Loop


Blue Loop




Grey Steel


Grey Steel







Olive Green


Olive Green

Orange Tile


Orange Tile

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“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

David Hicks

Unique Perks

What Benefits Do Our Carpet Tiles Offer?

Our professionally designed soft tiles offer multiple aesthetic and functional benefits. Get noise reduction, comfort, easy maintenance, and high aesthetics with them.

Noise Reduction

Absorb 10 times more noise to make a quieter space.

Easy Maintenance

Dust, stain, and moisture resistance for easy cleaning.

Underfoot Comfort

High pile height and thickness for underfoot comfort.

High Aesthetics

Versatile colors, patterns, and shapes for a unique look.


We Offer Custom-Made Carpet Tiles At Low Rates

We design our stylish and heavy-duty carpet-style tiles with a broad range of customization options to make your floor highly personalized.

Custom Materials

We design floors with nylon, polyester, cotton, wool, polypropylene, and synthetic fibers.

Versatile Colors

Get our highly aesthetic soft tiles with a wide range of solid or neutral colors.

Intricate Shapes

Square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, and hexagonal shapes for mind-blowing ambiance.

Custom Size Floor

We also offer custom-sized tiles for perfect floor-fitting per floor requirements.

Our Exclusive Carpet Tiles 2024

Hire Our Efficient Team For Carpet Tile Installations

Are you looking for an expert team for efficient and seamless floor installation in Dubai and nearby areas? CTD has a proficient team that provides cost-effective installation services for Carpets in Dubai. Our experts also offer free site visits to inspect the floor condition for the best treatment. If needed, we prepare the subfloor to make it smooth and dent-free with high-quality fillers.

We use smart techniques for installation to save your time and budget. Furthermore, we secure the seams with adhesive materials. Approach our team now for booking at flexible hours.

Affordable Carpet Tiles Dubai

How We Work?

Our excellent customer services make us stand out in the flooring market. Get benefits from our exclusive services now!


Floor Measurements

Ensure precise floor measurements for high perfection.


Free Tiles Sampling

Provide free tile sampling with specific requirements.


Maintenance Guide

Get a free floor maintenance guide from our experts.

About Us

Why Choose Us For Carpet Tiles In Dubai?

Being Dubai’s #01 carpet tiles supplier, we ensure high durability, customization, and excellent customer care. We craft carpet-like tiles per specific requirements.

Professional Craftsmanship

We design our multi-functional soft flooring with a broad spectrum of durable materials that ensure long-lasting results.

Fast & Secure Installation

Our proficient team offers swift and secure tile installation for both residential and commercial buildings in Dubai.

carpet Tiles

⦿ Testimonial ⦿

Look At Our Customer’s Feedback

Ismail Alam


The carpet tiles from CTD enhanced the texture and comfort of my living room floor. Their experts use the best possible techniques for perfect installation. Highly recommended!


Unays Nadeem


I ordered their durable carpet square tiles for my office at optimized rates. They delivered tiles with the same custom options as I have mentioned. Thank You.


Umaima Ali


Highly professional team and excellent quality product. Their tiles transformed the look of the bedroom with their beige color. The comfort and durability are highly appreciated. Good Job!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our carpet tiles are moisture-resistant, which adds a safety feature to your place. They are made of easy-to-clean materials. If any specific tile is damaged, you can easily replace that tile without worrying about extra expenses.

Yes, of course, we craft our tiles with a wide range of customization options to ensure a tailored approach. You can get our tiles with custom material, color, shape, texture, pile height, size, and pattern at the lowest rates in Dubai and nearby cities.

Our custom-made tiles provide extra durability, sound absorption, underfoot comfort, noise reduction, and thermoregulation. The easy maintenance and unique aesthetics of our tiles make them an excellent flooring choice for every place.

The total lifespan of carpet design tiles depends upon their craftsmanship, durability, maintenance, and cleaning. However, these are some of the most durable flooring solutions that can last 18-20 years with simple maintenance practices.

Our soft tiles are designed to have an easy cleaning and maintenance routine. These tiles ensure excellent dust, stain, moisture, and mold resistance. You can maintain or clean these tiles with simple vacuuming and cleaning practices.

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