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Carpet Tiles Dubai presents to you artificial turf for the naturally beautiful enhancement of your decor. We offer an endless grass variety, required accessories, expert servicing, and customer care assistance regarding grass carpets and rugs in the United Arab Emirates.

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As a highlighted carpet shop in Dubai, Carpet Tiles Dubai is well-known for providing high-quality grass carpeting services at budget-friendly rates. You can now style your indoor and outdoor places with our luxurious fake grass rugs and wall decor elements.

Besides offering an additional decor appearance, our grass carpets do not need high maintenance, keep the place warm, and offer maximum stability with no costly investment.

Our High-Quality Artificial Grass

We always keep an eye on the material while manufacturing our green grass hence ensuring 100% non-toxic quality, perfect structure, luxurious appearance, and maximum strength.

These are designed to bear heavy foot traffic with no fiber bulk damage and demand easy maintenance, absorb moisture, and do not capture dirt and allergens so are friendly for kids and pets. Our natural fiber grass carpets are biodegradable while the synthetic fibers offer greater comfort and are the perfect choice for commercial areas.

Easily Maintainable

Because they contain top-quality fibers and perfect weave techniques, do not capture allergens and dirt, and do not allow stains to rest at their surface so their luxurious looks can be maintained with simple alternate-day cleaning.

Greater Durability

Our fake grass makes the most long-lasting floor treatment that resists slipping and tripping and feels incredibly comfortable, as well. You can choose different pile heights for desired functionality.

Fake Grass Variety

With the availability of every green shade option, we provide the finest styling with multiple design options to highlight your place’s decor. We also provide a different range of fake grass for indoor and outdoor places for serving maximum benefits.

Fake Grass For Different Areas


Grass For Lawn

We provide real-looking synthetic grass for your lawn within a reasonable rate limit, you can get your orders booked with a single tap now.


Sports Turf

Comfortable flooring is necessary for sports grounds to resist falls, our turf is designed with the perfect fiber type and length to offer specific functionality.


Room Styling

You can now place our different-sized grass rugs in your rooms for a natural theme decor. Approach our experts to explore the variety of fake grass we offer.


Wall Decor

For wall decor, we present artificial turf wall treatments which help in beautifying the enire space, and we provide a remarkable variety for every setting.

Garden Landscape

For a perfect lawn floor treatment, we offer fake grass for your garden landscape so no hard floor can cause discomfort to your feet.

Commercial Turf

Providing high-quality 100% resistant turf for commercial areas, it is designed to bear the maximum load without losing its luxurious appearance.

Classic Artificial Grass Dubai
Customized Artificial Grass Dubai

Reliable Treatments In Dubai

Presenting A Range Of Fake Grass Treatments In Dubai

Our fake grass flooring products are highly functional because of the high-quality grass blades. This non-toxic flooring does not capture dirt or allergens and hence produces no harm to your atmosphere and is good for kids and pets too.

Comes with different fiber lengths to offer maximum comfort.

Elegant styles available to make the decoration more beautiful.

We offer quick servicing for fake grass to make the addition convenient for you.

Free samples are available if you want to check the quality.

Contact us if you want expert advice about fake grass.

Elegant Artificial Grass Dubai

Highlighted Services By Our #1 UAE Company

Being a leading carpet shop, Carpet Tiles Dubai presents every service for fake grass carpets to upgrade your home floors. Get our instant online servicing for the exact interior enhancements. See the highlighted services offered by us below that we offer in the entire UAE with no extra charges.

Perfect Installation

Our staff is expert at quickly installing the entire fake grass carpet with no mistakes for the stable and luxurious appearance of your floor.

Customization Options

Offering maximum customization for fake turf, you can choose shade, variety, fiber length, and design customizations by making a call to us.

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Watch our video to get a closer look at our company vision, mission, and products.

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With ease for you, we are now available to serve you at your place with every artificial grass order. For a quality check, you can book our free catalog and fake grass sampling service in the entire United Arab Emirates.



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Carpet Tiles Dubai offers high-quality artificial grass treatments including installation and customization at affordable rates. We have an unlimited variety of fake grass for the proper styling of different areas including wall styling. Get the best consultations, free samples, and expert treatments in the UAE from us.

Online Services

Slide to our chat box in case you need expert services regarding the astroturf flooring or wall grass to get instant responses with no delay.

Fake Grass Variety

With endless fake grass options, we offer different fiber textures, designs, and measurements for every type and style of grass carpet.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike natural grass, fake turf does not need any water or nutritional values for maintaining its intact appearance. It offers the same comfort as real grass does with no heavy maintenance. It can be placed anywhere, even in your bedroom, unlike real like, and also is cost-effective.

Artificial turf needs a little care to stay luxurious, you can maintain it by adding an alternate day’s cleaning routine. In case it gets any stains, you can use a simple DIY mixture of lukewarm water and chemical-free cleaner for effective cleaning.

We ensure 100% quality for our products, our turf collection carries non-toxic material, is comfortable and soft to touch, and does not attract dirt particles hence is suitable for both pets and children.

Our fake outdoor grass is designed to bear harsh weather conditions, thanks to their maximum resistance. These are made of synthetic fibers and suit every requirement by acting as an insulator for the place.