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A proper floor is necessary for functional interior styling, Carpet Tiles Dubai presents every floor variety as per the requirement of the place. We provide every flooring treatment from online professional consultancy to expert flooring installation in Dubai at affordable rates.

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Introducing Carpet Tiles Dubai

Top-Notch Flooring Company 

Being a leading UAE brand for flooring, we understand the needs of our customers in a better way. Floors should be styled in a proper way to add comfort and should be strong enough to bear heavy traffic and loads with no apparent damage.

We also present to you every flooring accessory for your floor that adds more stability and strength to it within a budget-friendly price range, book your order with a single online tap in Dubai.

Services We Provide For Flooring Dubai

Being a top-notch flooring company, we understand the requirements of our customers and therefore present you with every flooring treatment in the entire United Arab Emirates.

Floors need proper styling to ensure high performance and to ensure that they can last longer with no compromise on their functionality. We provide unlimited floor varieties to go with your place’s interior. Not only floorings, our staff knows that proper installation of the floor is necessary for an elegant floor look.

Service With No Delay

We offer fast flooring treatments with no compromise on expert quality, you can now book our servicing online. Make a call to our team or slide into our chat box in case you need any flooring assistance and get professional services in Dubai.


Quick Floor Installation

We know the exact techniques of floor installation for a stabilized and uniformly luxurious floor appearance. Hire our professionals for quick installation services to skip the mess. We ask for reasonable amounts for every flooring treatment.

Flooring Repair

The major thing is to decide on a floor type that suits both your place’s requirements and your demands, and then maintain its profile. We provide every floor repair service so you can benefit from your floor for a long time.

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Comfortable Carpeting

The carpets we provide are made of natural and synthetic fibers to add different functionality to the floor. You can easily choose a carpet that looks complimenting your interior theme.

Vinyl Floors

Our top-quality vinyl floorings are the best choice for basements and moisture-containing areas, designed to bear harsh treatment with perfecton.

Epoxy Treatment

Carpet tiles Dubai presents self-leveling epoxy for a trendy floor appearance, it helps in resisting slipping and runs for long.

Wooden Parquet Design

Parquet is a design form that looks elegant on wooden floors, we present every parquet design to add value to your building.

Gym Flooring

We provide biodegradable rubber floorings for gyms, which are highly comfortable, luxurious, and functional with easy maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

Appears like a wooden floor but is highly functional, and provides maximum resistance against moisture with its protective coating.

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Highly-Functional Floors

Presenting A Range Of Flooring For Different Places

Depending on the floor’s functionality and the area’s demands, we always recommend different floorings for different places. Never ignore that some places contain moisture and therefore need to be styled with highly-resistant flooring types.

Our outdoor floors are strong as well as highly resistant.

Presenting luxurious flooring variety at affordable rates.

Get easily maintainable floor treatments at your doorstep.

Hire our experts for expert floor installation to avoid mess.

We offer different accessories for the perfect stability of your floor.

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Online Approach By Our #1 UAE Brand

Visiting a flooring company can be difficult with such a busy lifestyle, therefore we present online availability of every flooring treatment including customization if possible, expert installation, free quality check, fast servicing manners, and quick online suggestions. See the two highlighted online servicing we offer for flooring treatments.

Fast Bookings

With a single tap, now you can approach our experts and get to see the proceeding of your order, we believe in on-time flooring servicing.

Interior Design Advice

Not every floor variety can go uniformly with the interior design, so you can connect with our professionals for the exact recommendations.

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Watch our video to get a closer look at our company vision, mission, and products.

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No need to pay a visit to our store, we are now also available online for serving quick but expert flooring treatments in the UAE with no extra charges so you can get maximum benefits. 



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Carpet Tiles Dubai presents every flooring variety with elegant shades and top-quality material to add a specific set of functionality to your place. From flooring customization to expert installation we offer every floor treatment in Dubai. For quality checks, book our free floor sampling service right now.

Professional Consultations

In case of any queries regarding flooring or services, you can approach our experts online for free and quick professional suggestions.


Expert Servicing

We are providing expert installation for the stable and strong appearance of your floor within reasonable rate limits.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Porcelain tile, LVP, Laminate, and Engineered Hardwood floorings are some of the best recommendations for busy areas or those with high foot traffic. These flooring options are not just extremely sturdy but also very easy to maintain. Also, they are affordable and cost-effective.

It’s never recommended to install a flooring on your own and there are several reasons for it. A new floor treatment requires specialized tools and expertise. Not to mention a lot of time as well. So the best approach is to hire experts as they’ll ensure flawless results and prevent wastage.

You should dust, sweep, or dry mop your wood flooring regularly and also vacuum it on a weekly basis. For deep cleaning, it’s best to use a dedicated wood floor cleaner and ensure that you use water sparsely. Be careful while carrying liquids atop a wood floor and clean any spills right away.

Flooring is more serviceable and versatile than carpeting in many ways. It can be installed everywhere and offers high performance in all conditions. Besides, it’s very easy to clean and highly energy-efficient as compared to carpets. Also, it ensures better hygiene and air quality.