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If you are looking to add some uniqueness to your home by making your walls look presentable, then opt for our latest wall skirting, which is available in an endless range of colors, patterns, sizes, and designs to choose from. We never charge our customers a lot and always provide gorgeous interior decor on a budget.

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Carpet Tiles Dubai has made so many clients happy by providing them with its unique and best-quality products. We have come a long way, and we continually work to improve our offerings by taking into account all of our customers’ needs. We put a high priority on keeping our customers happy, and over the years, we’ve never failed to earn their trust.

In order to keep up with the positive image of our brand on the market, we provide the best services at reasonable prices for your convenience.

Get Our Premium Wall Skirting Services At Reasonable Prices

We are a well-known supplier of interior decor and improvement products in the whole UAE, offering our high-end services to the customers to make them delighted at affordable rates. Our company is customer oriented and always tries to fulfill every requirement of our customers. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen and installers who are efficient in their work and can carry out any task in minimum time spans.

If you currently have wall skirting installed, we can also repair and replace it, in addition to installing new wall skirting to give your space a more appealing appearance. You can hire our workers for the super fast delivery service, and we also ensure the perfect product packaging so that you receive your desired stuff in the perfect condition. Call us anytime, and our experts will help you out in making an ideal choice of the exquisite skirting boards or tiles.

Efficient Installation

Quick Fitting Our professionally trained workers can fit the skirting tiles or boards on your area walls within no time, thanks to their extraordinary skills.

Excellent Delivery Service

Timely Delivery We ensure timely delivery as we understand how valuable your time is and guarantee that you get the package in the best condition.

Highly Experienced Workers

Skillful Team Members Our team can guide you through everything regarding our services and products at any time.

Highlighted Perks Of Getting Our Wall Skirting Installed

Provide Protection

Our high-performance wall-sitting solution provides protection against all scratches and stains.

Add Aesthetics

These functional skirting boards and tiles majorly enhance the decor of any area.

Seamless Concealing

Installing our skirting on your walls means hiding all the imperfections while also beautifying the surroundings.


Higher Sustainability

We ensure the top quality of our products; which is to say that our skirting comes with high sustainability.


Ease Of Maintenance

You can easily get these tiles and boards cleaned without investing a lot of time and energy.

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Cleaning And Maintaining Wall Luxury Skirting

Give Perfect Finishing To Your Walls With Our Low-Maintenance Skirting

Everyone loves to keep his/her home neat and clean, and wall skirting plays a big role in this concern. You should keep the skirting regularly cleaned as well because it conceals all of the flaws in your walls, ensuring that the interior of your home looks tidy and attractive. Here we have mentioned some important tips which can be helpful in this regard.

Dust off the surface of your skirting using a microfiber cloth and gently wipe clean any of the dirt particles.

Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of mild detergent and warm water to deep clean your wall skirting boards.

Always use a soft cloth for cleaning, and wring out all the excess water before using it on the skirting surface.

After that, wipe out the entire skirting with a clean damp cloth and let the skirting dry.

If you notice any damage during the cleaning process, treat it immediately.

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Acquire Our Customized Wall Skirting For The Perfect Home Improvement

At Carpet Tiles Dubai, we take pride in prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction, and thus our services are not limited just to providing you with ready-made wall skirting but you can also ask for our quality customized skirting for your area walls. We help you choose the material, color, pattern, design, and size of your product so that you can get the best skirting for your walls.

Take Expert Advice

If you are not sure about anything you can discuss your interior details with our experts and they will give you a number of suitable suggestions.

Reasonable Pricing

The rates of all our products are so reasonable that anyone with a minimum budget can easily purchase them.

Extensive Variety

Know The Types Of Wall Skirting To Make An Ideal Choice

We offer the largest variety of skirting for your walls so that you can add a magical charm to both your home and office spaces. You will find limitless wall skirting designs at our platform, and you can also get so many different and fantastic wall skirting ideas from our team members who are experienced in this field. Visit our store and check out the entire collection of different types of skirtings.



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Our brand is among the top interior companies in the UAE, providing excellent quality products and flawless services to their clients. We are a dedicated team who goes above and beyond to bring complete satisfaction to their customers. You can rely on us and we will never let you down at any cost.


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly, the material used in the manufacturing of wall skirting includes wood, PVC, MDF, and other such types of composite materials which are heavy-duty.

Most often, wall skirting and baseboards are used together as essential elements of any home decor because skirting is used to cover the gap between floor and wall, while baseboards are used to protect walls from damage.

The height of skirting boards or skirting tiles basically depends on area requirements, and there are some other factors that you should consider, i.e., ceiling height, room size, usage intensity, architectural style, etc.

Use a pry bar or a utility knife to carefully lift the old skirting boards away from your wall, and then by using appropriate tools and following all the instructions given in the manual book, you can install the new wall skirting.