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Carpet Tiles Dubai is the #1 UAE flooring platform that serves every treatment regarding parquet luxurious floors on a single platform. We provide top-quality flooring treatments that include uninstallation of existing floors, expert flooring installation, quick repair, and necessary accessories for parquet flooring products.

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Being a leading flooring company, we understand the demands of our customers. Parquet flooring is the most timelessly trendy flooring product of ours and it works for every setting. Also, we keep the parquet floor treatment’s pricing chart very reasonable for your convenience.

We believe in serving high-quality so you can enjoy smooth and functional flooring upgrades. Our latest parquet variety is suitable for all high-traffic areas in Dubai.

What Do You Mean By Parquet Design Wood Flooring?

Wooden floors come with limited shades for a specific look that seems boring to some people. Now parquet design has been introduced to the flooring market for getting an interesting floor appearance along with easily maintainable qualities. Parquet is a design that can be created atop wooden tiles and planks for adding a luxurious floor appearance to your place’s interior. It not only looks appealing but also is durable, cost-effective, and adds value to the building. The recommendable wood species for this flooring include top-quality oak, engineered timber, walnut, and maple woods. In addition to high-quality flooring products, we also present expert installation services for parquet wooden floors at affordable rates in the entire United Arab Emirates. We offer numerous design choices for this flooring and nearly all of them are incredibly popular in Dubai. Our professionals are available online so you can approach us for quick floor servicing. We offer unlimited parquet shades and design varieties so you can select any design for your floor, and you can also get a flat 20% discount on the online booking of every parquet flooring service.


Appealing Interior Appearance

Our Herringbone, Mosaic, Bordeaux, and Chantilly parquet designs are getting hyped in Dubai because of the classy interior appearance they add to the modern homes. Book us right now to get our affordable parquet flooring treatment at your place in the UAE.


Premium-grade Wooden Material

One of our beliefs is that quality always comes first, so we serve you with the most sublime quality flooring products that stay serviceable even after years and can stay luxurious for more than decades if maintained properly.


Easily Maintainable Floor

Because our parquet wooden floors with resistant layers do not catch dirt particles and allergens, they are easy to clean with simple vacuuming. Plus, you don’t have to spend on any costly flooring maintenance services or products for the purpose of upkeep.

Where Can You Install Parquet Wooden Floors?


Commercial Areas

Our wooden floors are incredibly heavy-duty and therefore can withstand heavy foot traffic. These are coated with extra protective layers and hence are perfect for commercial areas as well.


Bedroom Flooring

We offer multiple attractive parquet flooring styles to add a luxurious appearance to the bedroom interior which is why people prefer our flooring services in the entire United Arab Emirates.


Living Room Floor

Living Room should be styled with a decorative interior module that adds an appealing view. We provide all the parquet designs for the perfect styling of your living rooms in Dubai.


Decorative Hallways

Increase the value of your building by adding our luxurious parquet wooden floors to your hallways. We present every wooden floor treatment within an affordable pricing range.


Stair Case Designs

Our staircase parquet designs are super attractive and classy, these floors add an elegant appearance with 100% safety enhancement and anti-slip qualities.


Office Flooring

Office decor always requires a uniform and presentable interior look and our floors are designed to add maximum elegance and comfort to the workspace interiors.

Parquet Flooring

Online Flooring Treatments

We Present Online Servicing For Parquet Bookings

We understand the struggle of visiting a flooring company to check out the designs and the quality of its products, that’s why we offer online servicing for our parquet flooring in the UAE. We also offer free catalogs and floor samples so you can check out the quality before you make a purchase.

Our staff is available every time for parquet repair services.

Approach us to get professional suggestions regarding your queries.

Presenting free catalogs and parquet sampling for a quality check.

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Parquet Flooring
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Featured Flooring Treatments By Carpet Tiles Dubai

Our foremost flooring services are mentioned below for your convenience.

Professional Flooring Installation

Our staff knows expert techniques of floor installation and help you enjoy a quality floor upgrade at reasonable rates. We also offer every flooring accessory on our platform so you don’t have to go anywhere else for flooring services.

Expert Parquet Repair

Regaining your parquet floor’s luxurious appearance from unwanted scratches, minor damages, and stains is one of our expertise. Connect with our experts and book quick repairs for your flooring in Dubai.

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Watch our video to get a closer look at our company vision, mission, and products.

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Parquet wooden floors are the new trend because of their luxurious appearance that not only adds beauty to the interior but also adds an increment to the value of your building. We offer all flooring treatments In the UAE and are always at your disposal.



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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Carpet Tiles Dubai The #1 UAE Flooring Company For Parquet Wooden Floors?

Being the #1 flooring shop in the United Arab Emirates, Carpet Tiles Dubai understands its responsibilities to its customers. We not only present luxuriously designed floorings with top-quality wood material but also provide expert installations, the uninstallation of existing floors, repair, and consultations for parquet trendy floors within a budget-friendly range.


Online Flooring Consultations

In case you are confused while picking a design or flooring shade for your place, our highly-responsive staff is online to guide you with their flooring suggestions.


Quick Servicing Manners

You can now contact our specialists and discuss your desired floor design with just one click. We will send you the list of our products so you can choose the one that suits your taste and we shall provide you with instant servicing in the UAE.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Our wooden parquet is designed with two protective coatings and this is the reason it can bear exposure to moisture without getting damaged. But no wood is considered water-proof, so it’s better to dry mop these floors or instantly dry them after a wet mop. A regular or alternate day vacuum cleaning routine is enough to make them stay luxurious and functional.

Any high-quality wood can be used for this floor design but interior designers recommend high-quality timber, oak, walnut, and maple because these wood materials stay functional even after years of installation.

Our parquet luxurious floors come with top-quality material, by following a proper floor maintenance routine you can make them last for more than a decade. On the other hand, a rough treatment or high foot traffic can cause damage to its looks. We also provide expert floor repair services to handle such issues.

Parquet wooden floors can bear low-temperature underfloor heating, the temperature should not exceed 27 centigrade. High-quality maple wood parquet designs are recommendable for underfloor heating.