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Carpet Tiles Dubai is presenting to you its finest collection of shaggy rugs at the most affordable rates. You can find each and every sort of flooring solution at our platform, which can emphasize the interior of your area accordingly while staying within your budget.

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Our company has been working in the United Arab Emirates for over 8 years and now stands out as a leading brand among all other companies. Our goal is to satisfy every customer with our dependable services and high-quality goods. We already have made a range of clients satisfied by supplying supreme-quality flooring rugs.

We’re open whenever you want to stop by because we’re both physically and online accessible for your convenience. Get in touch with us and avail yourself of our exclusive flooring packages today!

Discover The Luxury And Comfort Of Our Finest Shaggy carpets

At Carpet Tiles Dubai, we offer you a fantastic collection of our luxurious shaggy rugs that are meant to add comfort to your area. You will experience coziness and warmth after placing these affordable rugs because of their high-density and plush surfaces. Buy our large shaggy rugs and transform your entire space into the most relaxing area. They are available in every color, pattern, and design to fit any and every interior style.

Our grey shaggy rugs are in trend nowadays as they can complement every sort of home decor and look really adorable while offering a lot of benefits too. For instance, they can hide dirt and stains perfectly because of their color. No matter which floor covering you place your hands on, they all can be the perfect addition to your home if you want to create a really inviting atmosphere in your space. Besides, our staff is available 24/7 to ensure that you select an ideal rug for your space according to your interior design.

Experienced Staff

Skillful Workers We have a team of professionally trained workers who know exactly how to make a customer happy by providing him/her with the product they want.

Super Fast Delivery

On-time Delivery We promise to deliver your order at a promised time to your doorstep with no delay at all and with complete efficiency.

Never Compromise On Quality

Supreme-quality Products Our brand believes in quality and always aims to supply the finest-quality floor rugs that can run longer, thus saving you money.

The Benefits Of Adding Our Shaggy Rugs To Your Home Decor

Add Coziness

Because of their soft texture, they can perfectly add coziness to your area, creating a relaxing atmosphere.


Easy Maintenance

These outstanding rugs come with a low maintenance requirement, thus saving you time and energy.

Enhance Aesthetics

These exquisite floor rugs can add beauty to your space because of their glamorized appearance.


Provide Comfort

They have a thick structure and can provide you with the most comfortable surface under your feet.

Easy To Get Placed

Our shaggy rugs are easy to get placed on your area flooring as you just have to roll them out.

Protect Your Flooring

These highly functional rugs can protect your floorings from scratches caused by furniture movement.

Customized Shaggy Rugs Dubai

Maintenance Of Rugs

How To Care For And Clean Your Area Shaggy Rugs?

Taking proper care of your shag area rugs is essential in order to keep them running with you for years. And for that sake, here we have mentioned some tips recommended by our professionals which you can follow and can do proper cleaning and care for your Shaggy Carpet.

Vacuum your rug regularly in order to remove any dirt or debris.

Do the spot cleaning and remove any spills immediately to avoid any stubborn stains.

Keep rotating your rug from time to time in order to avoid uneven wear and tear.

Keep your Shaggy Carpet out of direct sunlight.

Take professional cleaning services every 3 to 4 months.

Shaggy Rugs Suppliers Dubai

Take Advantage of Our Customization Services At Low Rates

If you do not feel like buying our ready-made rugs, you can ask us for the customization process, and our technicians will craft your desired Rugs right according to your requirements. You can ask for our custom-made shaggy rugs for the living room, bedroom, or dining room, as per your choice.

Selection Of Shade And Pattern

You can select any color, such as pastels, neutrals, or bold ones per your choice, and can instruct our workers for all sorts of rug design too.

Use Of High-Quality Material

We always make sure to use high-quality materials while crafting these floor rugs so that you always invest in the best products for your place.

Discover More About Us Through Our Video

Watch our video to get a closer look at our company vision, mission, and products.

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Versatile Variety

Explore The Different Types Of Shaggy Rugs Available At Our Platform

You can come to our store and can check out our entire range of pretty rugs for your living space that is available in so many different types, like wool shaggy Carpets, synthetic shaggy Carpets, leather shaggy Carpets, and others.



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Carpet Tiles Dubai is the no.1 brand in the entire UAE, supplying the best quality products in all areas at low rates. Our exquisitely manufactured and excellently designed shaggy rugs for sale can add a magical charm to your living space, for which you can place an order online at any time of the day.


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Shaggy rugs are the softest floor coverings that can add comfort to your palace and can make you feel relaxed when you walk over them. You can get your hands on the finest shaggy rugs for your floor at Carpet Tiles Dubai.

We truly prioritize our consumers’ preferences and care for them. Moreocer, we also offer exclusive packages from time to time so that our clients can get our quality products along with our services in a low budget.

The advantage of placing a shaggy rug in your area is that there will be an addition of warmth, comfort, and elegance. Your place will look much more adorable, and these rugs will create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

According to our experts’ opinion, synthetic shaggy rugs are the ones that are the most affordable options of all, plus super durable and cost-effective as well.