How to Choose the Perfect Turf For Your Residential Putting Green Outdoor?

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How to Choose the Perfect Turf For Your Residential Putting Green Outdoor?

Are you among those individuals who love to play golf? People who are looking for clubs to find the best place to play golf don’t need to worry now as they can install the putting green grass in the backyard of their home and enjoy the gold course with their family or friends. This grass gives a realistic feel and is also the best to have in your home because of its effortless maintenance.

Putting green outdoor turf is low-piled grass that is made from different materials and is extremely durable. Whether you want to install this turf in residential areas or any local areas, you can purchase it as per the size requirement of the place. However, to choose the perfect turf for your residential place, we have listed some of the important factors in this article.

Get The Perfect Putting Green Grass To Install In Your Residential Places

Putting green grass is commonly used for golf purposes and it can be installed in the backyard of your home. If you are not concerned about the ball speed or any manipulation, putting green grass is the best solution to opt for enjoying quality time together with family at your residential place. Let us tell you the factors to consider for the selection of the best turf for your home.

1. Purpose & Place To Install

Purpose & Place To Install

When you are looking for installing the putting green turf in your home, you should rethink the purpose to install them. If you want to install this grass in your backyard just for fun, you can have it without the edging and lining backways.

If you wish to install this turf in the backyard of your home or also in a garden. Other than residential places, this putting green grass is being installed at the coaching centers.

2. Appearance & Color

 Appearance & Color

Putting green grass is available in big box stores with different quality materials. However, you must look for grass that is made from polyethylene. This putting green grass looks perfect and gives refined look even from afar if the finishing of this grass is perfect.

Polypropylene is the best material as it can retain its shape and visuals and doesn’t flatten like a discount store turf. Another important aspect to consider for putting green grass is the shade of the turf. An exceptional range of light and dark shades are available in the superstores for this grass and you can pick one of your choices.

3. Selection Of Material & Size

Selection Of Material & Size

Putting green grass comes in different materials based on their manufacturing. You can shop for this grass in polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon material compositions. This grass is manufactured in a way to easily roll the ball over the grass.

When you are buying grass, also look for the appropriate size according to the specifications of the area. The size of the grass depends on the area you choose to install this putting green grass. Other than this, the pile height, density, and pile yarn also need to be noticed.

4. Durability & Quality

Durability & Quality

Whenever you purchase a product from the market, the first thing you may notice is the quality of the product. The quality of this putting green grass mainly depends on the selection of material because it can vary.

To find quality green grass for your home, choose a trusted supplier. If you’ll compromise on the quality of the grass, it may start to deteriorate in a short period.

5. Price & Maintenance

Price & MaintenanceTo shop for the right turf for your residential use, the most important factor is the maintenance and cost. As far as the maintenance of putting green grass is concerned, it won’t take much time because it is a lot easier to take care of the grass. However, it depends on the size of the grass, if the area is considerably large, it will take some time but it won’t make you exhausted the way like natural grass.

The cost for residential putting green grass may also change with the size proportion and selection of materials. Compared to natural grass taking care of putting grass is not difficult but the cost to purchase this grass is higher.

6. Installation


An expert with experience can install this putting green grass by itself. However, if you are not self-assured to install the grass, you should hire a professional fitter that can perfectly install the grass. Make sure to buy the padding along with the grass for durability and support.

A person with no experience may rip off the grass while installing, so, to avoid damage and to save your budget and time, choose an expert or reliable installer that can provide installation services tailored to your needs.

Final Note!

Choosing the right turf for your residential places involves some significant factors to consider. If you want to purchase good quality turf for your residencies, think about the purpose of buying and zoning to install the grass. The selection of color shade and grass material is another considerable factor. Look for turf that is made from polyethylene for utmost longevity and durability. The maintenance of putting green turf is not an arduous thing but the key point is the price, so, look for a supplier that can offer discounted rates for grass.

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